TYPO3 Content Management System

TYPO3 is an enterprise-class, Open Source CMS (Content Management System), used internationally to build and manage websites of all types, from small sites for non-profits to multilingual enterprise solutions for large corporations.

The biggest advantage of using a CMS (content management system) for your website is the ability to control your content separately from the layout or design. With a powerful CMS like TYPO3, you can add, change, and remove text, images, and plug-ins in your site without installing any proprietary software or paying a third-party.

New TYPO3 extension module

FiveE Technologies has been in to TYPO3 extension development and enhancement since the early days of TYPO3. We provide service for create creating new TYPO3 extensions and web based application to run on Internet or Intranets.

TYPO3 ExtBase is the latest TYPO3 extension building framework. It is based on TYPO3 FLOW. We use automated tools to greatly reduces the coding effort and saves developer from doing database related operations and automates much of the extension functionality.We also have expertise of creating or adapting TYPO3 extension using the old pibase approach of extension coding.

TYPO3 Template / Theme / Skin / Website

FiveE provides custom TYPO3 templates based on latest TYPO3 template engine called FLUID, and on Templa Voila or on the classical engine Auto parser engines as well.

We will convert your design psd file to TYPO3 template in your TYPO3 installation setup / server. We have also have graphic and website layout design services. We apply search engine, usability guideline and mobile optimization best practices in all steps of website design, development and promotional activities.

Call us on skype or email at info@fivee.in to get started right away.